Tamarind was first established on 1989 on the Upper East Side on the corner of first and 52nd St in New York.

In 1996, Charlie and Nan Niyomkul relocated to Atlanta, Georgia opening their second location on 14th St in midtown Atlanta. For the last 10 years Tamarind has been a local landmark for the city.

Now Charlie and Nan have re-opened as Tamarind Seed in Colony Square. “It has a peaceful ambiance and tasteful food, and we want to keep in that way” Charlie says. In addition in Zagat top 20 restaurants; the couple also owns and operates Nan Thai Fine Dinning just up the street. “Nan is like your grandmother’s house and Tamarind Seed is like your own kitchen” “The menu has stayed the same for the last ten years because our guest would not allow us to change it,” says Charlie and Nan.

It was until the year 2002; Tamarind Seed had found worldwide recognition. As one of the current master’s champion Vijay Singh hosted its annual Champion’s dinner in Augusta Georgia. As a big fan of Nan’s cooking, he requested Tamarind Seed to create a menu to be remembered; which catered to all of the existing Master’s Champions such as Jack Nicholas, Arnold Palmer, and Tiger Woods.
Tamarind to us is more than just business, it is a family. We take pride in what we do, and deeply devoted to

The essence of tradition and taste. Where everyone can come and enjoy what our family can give; all we ask back in return is leave us with a smile.

Chef Nan Niyomkul

Born in Bangkok, Chef Nan first took to the passion of cooking by working alongside her mother who was a street food vendor in Thailand, where she secured the authenticity of Thai Cuisine. Arriving in New York at the age of 19 she steadfastly began working in fine dining and hotel establishments and over the years formalized her technique.

Having charmed the American Palate with her first restaurant, Tamarind in Manhattan, she relocated her family to Atlanta where she continues to please the dining community with her two restaurants Nan Thai Fine Dining and Tamarind Thai Cuisine. In addition to serving such high profile events as The Miss Universe Dinner and The Masters Champion’s Dinner she has also been the recipient of many awards and accolades. Chef Nan truly puts a uniquely warm and prestigious touch on Thai Cuisine, exciting palates worldwide.

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